The Hidden Door Company

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Who We Are

In the Beginning 

In 1997 a client came to us with what seemed, at the time, an unusual request. It went something like this: "Build me a secret door into the room where I keep my antique collection.", 

They loved what we did. We loved doing it. Now, over 750 hand-made, custom-designed hidden doors later, it's our sole specialty. We treat each project as though it's the only one of its kind, because it is. Our reputation is built on design ingenuity, exquisite workmanship and first-rate customer service. 

A Passion for Detail

Secret doors have been around for thousands of years - in Eqyptian pyramids, medieval castles and country manors. But they're hardly a thing of the past. More and more people with originality and taste are discovering the value of a hidden door: not just an original touch, but as a highly functional one. 

Imagine for a moment: where might you put a master-crafted hidden door in your house? The possibilities are endless. Transform an awkwardly situated doorway into an elegant cabinet. Convert that odd little area under the stairway into a bookcase. Conceal objects of value behind an entertainment center. Or what about making better use of space in your pantry, walk-in closet, bedroom closet, concealing your attic entry, basement entry, home theatre or your audio visual equipment and so much more.

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