The Hidden Door Company

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Quotes The customer service was excellent going above and beyond...the Hidden Door staff assisted in picking the best door for my needs...the Hidden Door Company had the best products in terms of price, ease of use and installation requirement from the companies I reviewed...I now have a safe place for me and my family. Quotes
Recent Customer

Quotes One of the best custom design firms I have dealt with......Customer service was outstanding. Drawings cleared up things and I got what I needed....Door was delivered on time. Quotes

Quotes "Better service during my scouting than other competitors, prompter feedback gave me better feeling of the reliability, good website gave feeling of quality of work to expect." Quotes
Trinidad Customer

Quotes "Very responsive.....overall our experience has been really good.....Scott helped me with the design of the shleves." Quotes

Quotes Overall experience was great. I knew what I wanted and your website nailed it. It was just a matter of confirming, paying, and receiving! Quotes

Quotes Their service was nothing short of professional, consistent and thorough. Hidden Door anticipated my questions and made the effort to ensure there would be no issues with installation. I would recommend them to anyone, including my family. Their product is unique and their service is unmatched. Quotes

Quotes Very pleased. To go from my crude measurements to a perfect fit hidden door sent across the atlantic is amazing. I would not hesitate to install another hidden door from you if I move to another house or apartment in the future. Quotes
Swedish Customer

Quotes I like having the bookcase where we once had just an open closet. It's fun to have a secret room in one's house - who wouldn't want such? The room itself isn't a security secret -- we don't store valuables in it. It's a fun trick that some guests know about and that people seem to think is clever. Quotes